Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Benefits of Mulch

A protective covering, usually of organic matter such as leaves, straw, or peat, placed around plants to prevent the evaporation of moisture, the freezing of roots, and the growth of weeds.

Putting mulch underneath your trees can be very benifitial, however, if done improperly it can also harm your trees. By following a few simple steps, you can mulch your way to a happy healthy tree.

1. Pick your tree and cut or treat any weeds or any grass before you lay the mulch down. Mulch can be spread as little as a couple feet or as much as ten or more feet depending on your tree.

2. Chose your mulch. Organic or inorganic. Organic mulch can be anything natural, such as grass clippings, wood chips, compost, and so on. Organic mulch will give the tree nutrients as it is broken down. Inorganic mulch can be rocks, pavers, rubber and so on. Inorganic mulch is more effective with weed control and can be more Ornamental.

3. Spread the mulch around your tree.  Keep a few inches all the way around the trunk of the tree clear of mulch. Try to keep the depth of the mulch between two to four inches. Too much mulch can leed to excessive moisture in the root system , it can be an invite for unwanted pests and critters.  Too little mulch and the mulches purpose has been lost.

I am using wood chips that are left over from a project that Arik and I worked on last spring. 

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