Monday, December 9, 2013

The new perspective

A careful eye might notice the wall of Stihl chainsaws or the handle of a snowblower in the background. The subject matter of the photo that I wanted to highlight are the tires on the A220. The A220 skid-steer has somewhat of a middle child mentality out here, on Arington Tree Farm. Its doesn't have the speed of the Bobcat 5600 Toolcat utility vehicle. It also lacks the lifting capacity or the go anywhere attitude of the T300 tracked Bobcat. Simply put, this skid-steer is somewhere in the middle. 

However, the life of this middle child does have at least one perk. The A220 is lucky enough to be reshod biannually. Let me preface that the shoe change isn't a new pair of shoes twice a year. It's simply switching back and forth between a nice weather pair of loafers (turf tires) and bad weather pair of steel toe boots (utility tires). The spring time, turf tire swap is waited for with bated breathe as it signifies the start of the more temperate weather. The winter, utility tire swap is something more of an ominous event. Irregardless of the date on the calendar, our winter starts once the A220 has the aggressive tire pictured in the foreground. 

So the significance of this photo is; I have resigned to the the fate that Old Man Winter has in store for us out here on the farm. The proper foot ware is currently being worn (on all four tires even) by our lovely middle child. And in parting I'll make a confession. It might not be a confession, as much as an act of rebellion on my part. I won't put the chains on those dang winter tires until the night before they are needed or before the first major winter storm. Which ever comes first.