Under the Oak Tree is a project of Arington Tree Farm, a picturesque 500-acre farm near Cambridge, Wisconsin. This blog captures the day-to-day happenings on the farm, ultimately telling the story of sustainable forest management.

The farm's diverse landscape includes mature and new plantings of walnut, oak, hickory, cherry, spruce and pine, situated among crop fields, creeks, ponds and gentle hills.

We hope Under the Oak Tree is a place for learning and fun. Let us know what you think by Contacting Us.

Under the Oak Tree is brought to you by:

Arik. Arik is in charge of day-to-day operations. Whether the job is spraying garlic mustard or trimming pines, Arik enjoys being active in all aspects of woodland management.

Gaea. It's not all about timber! Gaea manages the many, many flower beds located throughout the farm, contending with bees, spiders and mosquitos, oh my!

Holly. Holly works on a wide range of projects, from event planning on the farm to assisting other woodland groups and organizations, particularly the Driftless Forest Network and WWOA.

Joe. Joe is the property owner and is the man with the plan. He is active in many woodland organizations and currently serves as the president of WWOA. When he's not promoting sustainable forestry, he can usually be found cruising the trails on a buggy with a grandkid or four in tow.