Monday, November 4, 2013

A farewell to Holly

The last 1065 days at the Arington Tree Farm have been quite interesting.  That is the number of days that Holly has worked with us.  Of course we did allow her some time off for holidays, weekends, vacations and the occasional sick day.  Over this time she has brought so much energy and professionalism to our team.  It has not quite settled in that today is her last day before going on to greener pastures.  My sense is, we are all in a state of denial.

What we will miss most is how Holly has kept us on track.  Great ideas are not hard to find or even to come up with on one’s own accord.  However, taking ideas, concepts, and dreams to the finish line is a serious task.  After all we're human and we tend to procrastinate.  Holly has not only prevented this from happening, but she has also been determined that we would have fun while achieving our goals.

I believe that Arington Tree Farm has been on a path of good woodland stewardship for many years.  What we are achieving is a diverse and strong Land-Ethic.  Holly has brought her own ethic from growing up on a working Iowa farm, to share with us here on our Farm.  It is amazing how the “law of the farm” when practiced in other endeavors will make such a difference.  It has made a difference here, and we appreciate that Holly has helped us realize the value of getting things down in a timely manner.

Our accomplishment here on the farm during Holly’s stay has been nothing short of amazing.  We are the number 1 tree farm in the nation (says the American Tree Farm System).  We have developed several relationships for advancing children’s woodland educational programs.  And thanks to Holly, Arington Tree Farm now has strong ties with the Aldo Leopold Foundation and is part of the Driftless Forestry Network.  I feel as though we have stepped into the cutting edge of advancing the Land-Ethic in America.  I know we would not be in this very exciting place if not for Holly.

Although we will miss Holly, we will also take great pride in knowing that we have been part of her development into who she has become.

Joe Arington
Arington Tree Farm


  1. While farewells are sad, they also tell you how important someone is in your life and how much is change and growth necessary to living. Glad, you accepted the farewell with warm greetings

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