Friday, August 30, 2013

When things don't go as planned...

Arik is taking advantage of the dry August days by using the Bobcat to mow some typically swampy areas. I wanted to capture this for the blog, so headed down Husker Road hoping to catch him action. And I did get a couple action shots:

And then, this:

(9 second video of Arik explaining the Bobcat malfunction.)
Whomp whomp. 

Such is how the tables turn! While most of the time, equipment works and plans go smoothly, hiccups still happen. Remember the coffee tree incident? And this , which never quite made it onto the blog (until now, sorry Arik!):

The time Arik forgot to shut the sprayer full of Round Up off and "paved" a nice path through Joe's yard.
On a more positive note, the area Arik had been brush mowing is slated to be turned into an ephemeral pond in the next year or two. The site is too wet to support any agriculture or trees, but a shallow pond will support wildlife, especially frogs. 

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