Thursday, December 27, 2012

Photo Gallery: Blizzard of December '12

Last week's blizzard dumped 18" of snow on us, leaving no question as to whether this year would be a white Christmas! It was a heavy, wet snow that stuck to whatever surface it landed upon. This type of snow makes for very beautiful scenery, but as you'll see below -- isn't the best for the trees! 

With the size of this oak, it should have been able to withstand the storm. However, it had been growing in the shadow of a larger tree that we had removed when Beaver Tree was out; thus, it isn't as strong as it should be.

Spruce with their winter jackets on.

Turns out, wildlife like our bridge across Mud Creek just as much  as we do!
Those are all wildlife tracks in the photo; recognize any of them? 

Mud Creek has never looked so nice!

Popple, thin and tall.

The "Enchanted Forest" (name given by the Arington grand kids) looks even more enchanted!

Young oaks that did not fare well during the storm. 

This walnut tree's lower limbs are bearing a lot of weight. But my (extremely limited) forestry expertise tells me it should be pruned anyway... right Arik?

These white pine were planted by students on Arbor Day a couple years ago and are doing great!

Husker Barn and farm house.

View down Husker Road.

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