Thursday, September 27, 2012

Capturing the Season

This morning’s bright sunshine pulled me outside to capture the beautiful fall morning - despite the frigid 42 degrees on the thermometer! I bundled up with a jacket, hat and mittens before jumping on the buggy and cruising around the farm to document the turning of the season. 

Maple trees.

Badger Barn

Arik would probably tell me that this is a terrible invasive species - but just for right now, I'm going to say it's beautiful.

The turning of the season. The lush green grass is actually reed canary grass -- a real pest!

Squint and imagine 6 green-winged teal floating on this pond. They flew away before I could snap a picture... I'm still working on "walking softly."

View from Husker Barn.

As more trees continue to turn, I'll snap more photos. Enjoy these beautiful, serene mornings... it won't be long until sub-zero temps and inches of snow appear! 

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